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Fireworks Faffing (the Adobe variety)

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Tonight I made a logo. This isn’t a new thing for me, but it has to be said, this is not something I’ve done in a while. I used to spend a […]



The Panasonic Lumix G80 (or not…)

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The decision to purchase a new camera did not come lightly. Well that’s a lie straight off the bat! It was an incredibly easy decision to get a new camera. The hard […]


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Instagram deactivated my account

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And now I am sad. It’s weird isn’t it? I’m not one for getting down about these sorts of things. It’s just life, nothing personal. There’s no human in Facebook or Instagram […]


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Google Announces Stadia – game streaming service

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So Google just did a thing. During today’s Game Developer’s Conference, Google announced they were joining the gaming scene. Although it might seem rather bizzare that Google felt it prudent it join […]


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Archiving Premier Pro Projects

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Oh no, my Premier Pro project folders are sooo messed up! I’m not sure which files I’ve used, and which files I could delete! What on earth are all these CFA and […]